Montag, 20. Februar 2023

Monday's Long Song


1986 saw the birth of one of the most innovative rock combos of the 80s. Jane's Addiction were one of the first bands to break down the rigid boundaries between heavy metal and rock with a confusing mixture of brute riffs, hypnotically aggressive rhythms and approaches foreign to the style (punk, folk). Not to forget Farrell's high-pitched eunuch roar. In those days, by the way, the first stereotyped thinkers spoke of "alternative rock" and a few years later of "Grunge". In 1990 Jane's Addiction released their masterpiece Ritual de lo Habitul for me their most complex work. The album is filled with ideas and influences of earlier decades and formed to a new and heavy sound. From early progressive rock over to blues fragments and a bit of funk made this album extraordinary. And not only because of it's cover.  America's guardians of morals do not find the image of a naked sculpture of Farrell at all demure. In accordance with the band's wishes, the censored version comes with a white envelope with the words of the First Commandment written on it.

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Jane's Addiction - Three Days

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