Donnerstag, 9. März 2023

Happy Endings


A few weeks ago Scottish producer and musician Sean Dickinson aka HiFi Sean released his first album with his longer time collaboration with British singer David McAlmont Happy Ending. I got this album when it was released, listened once and forgot about it. During the last days I rediscovered this album and listened a few times to it and I have to admit that it grows the more I listen to it. I enjoy their music whatever the musical press would say. It is an album that I will call timeless because this songs were far away from any popular genres today. Songs that lives because of McAlmont's mighty and also easy voice, well arranged with orchestra and strings. Sometimes it remembers me on the music Marc Almont did ages ago and Kevin Rowland would be proud to sing. A little highlight this year so far. 

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JC hat gesagt…

I'm so happy you are enjoying the album, Walter. I think it is a magnificent record from start to finish. David has always been a great singer and Sean a great arranger/producer, but there seems to be a chemistry between them that brings out the best in one another. The strings from Bangalore are the cherry on top.