Mittwoch, 15. März 2023


1986 was a good year in music and many remarkable albums were released in this year. For me one of the best albums is James' debut album Stutter. Many filed this album as a folk rock album but for me it is still a monument in songwriting. James were a part of Manchester's club scene, supporting New Order live and close to a contract with Factory records. They made complex songs with very unique arrangements you can enjoy still after a few decades. Stutter is one of those albums I will ever come back to. 

James - So Many Ways

James - Johnny Yen

James - Sculldaggery

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JC hat gesagt…

Yup. I'm with you on this one.

James still make the occasional very good record all these years later, and the next album is one on which they will have orchestral/band reinterpretations of songs from their back catalogue. 'Why So Close' from Stutter is one of the songs included.

I'm off to see them in Glasgow very soon.