Samstag, 30. Januar 2021

Vertigo Days

German indie-band The Notwist released with Vertigo Days their first album since more than six years. This band from Southern Bavaria was one of the most influential German bands in the 90's because you couldn't grab their sound not only because the masterminds the brothers Archer meander between punk, rock and metal. During the years they included some jazz-styles into their sound and worked on soundtracks for independent German movies. Now they are back with an album that sounds like a 50 minutes session when every song slips into the next one and tempo and rhythm changes more than once. And still you can't archive them in one file because each guest musician from all over the world makes the song special. So Chicago clarinetist Angel Bat Dawid give Into The Ice Age a jazzy touch or Japanese vocalist Saya give Ship an exotic touch over a krautrock-groove. The Notwist are back and still open for new sounds. 

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