Montag, 4. Januar 2021

Monday's Long Song


In 1979 Steve Hillage, former guitar player by Gong, released his first solo album Rainbow Dome Musick a remarkable LP with only two songs on it. Trained from his early blues-rock days and long days in various psychedelic rock bands he made an album that was the blueprint of ambient music - long time before this genre was named. After this album he made less records and turned into a producer. His work was long forgotten until The Orb played part of this album and gave him the appraisal it should have. After all the years it is a record some others working in the ambient scene would die for.

Steve Hillage - For Ever Rainbow

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The Swede hat gesagt…

A local Steve Hillage gig was one of the victims of the pandemic last summer. First the show was rescheduled, but now it's been cancelled altogether. I'm gutted, as his work with Gong, then later his early Virgin solo records, formed a part of the soundtrack to my teenage life.

John Medd hat gesagt…

First Swiss Adam and now you, Walter! I'm playing this record to death at the moment; I missed it first time around - the width of Mr. Hillage's trousers meant that RDM couldn't possibly make it onto my turntable in '79. Tough, but those were the rules back then:)