Dienstag, 26. Januar 2021

Our Lips Are Sealed


It is now 40 years ago when Los Angeles band The Go-Go's released their first album. They were one of the first female bands writing their own songs and playing their instruments. The music press filed them under new wave but for me they were the perfect power-pop band in their time and I have to admit that I really liked their naturalness and abandon in playing. And they were good and wrote some songs for eternity that makes me smile when I listen to them again. Jane Wiedlin, guitar player by The Go-Go's, wrote together with Fun Boy Three's Terry Hall one of the best pop songs from the early 80's. Seldom the lyrics and music were in harmony like this. Both versions are great but if I had to decide my favorite I will ever go for Fun Boy Three.

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Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Love this song and both takes on it. And the Go Go's video is so vibrant and effervescent, top stuff.