Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2021

Slippery People

The last album arrived in 2020 was by one of the best findings from last year. I first got aware of them by a review by Beatselector 'Rheinzand is a Belgian collaborative project between Reinhard Vanbergen, the multi-instrumentalist producer, Charlotte Caluwaerts and Mo Disko from the renowned duo The Glimmers. Rheinzand’s songs are a mixture of dance music’s rich history, giving nods to old and new genres, forgotten and popular scenes in order to create their own take on today’s musical landscape. Their exotic style caught the ears of Kenneth Bager’s label Music For Dreams on which they have released their debut self titled album on May 8, 2020.' I listened a lot to this during the last weeks and I can't get enough of the music they make. Their hybrid of modern dancefloor and morphing in and out of shapes of great melodies and vivid instrumentation. That Rheinzand has the courage to cover Talking Heads in a superb way shows how fantastic they are.


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JF hat gesagt…

The worst track on a very good album