Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2021

Another Forgotten Band


During Christmas time I had a conversation with my brother and quickly we talked about music. Especially about forgotten bands. We agreed that 2020 was a good year with all the re-issues and compilations of band and artists we loved or had almost forgotten. He recommended me a compilatioby Hangmen's Beautiful Daughter as one of the highlights for him. I have to admit that I wasn't firm with this band that borrowed it's name by Scottish Incredible String Band. So I made investigations about them. What I found and what I heard was very good and I ask myself why this band could be overlooked through all these years. Formed in the late 80's in London Hangman's Beautiful Daughter were described as a cross between Jefferson Airplane, MC5 and Velvet Underground. It is true that they borrowed a lot of the music those band made but for me they sound more like Roger McGuinn and The Byrds on a psychedelic trip. Anyway, the legacy of a band that made only an EP, singles and one album is less but worth to be remembered. 

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Great stuff Walter. Not sure that I've ever come across these guys.