Sonntag, 24. Januar 2021



Regular readers will know that when I switch on the radio I usually listen to Austria's station FM4. This station features new music with a massive focus on local artists. During the last years I discovered many new bands when they was introduced to the audience. One of those were Cari Cari an Austrian indie-rock band formed with the claim to get their music into a Tarantino film. And their sound would fit well to it. I saw them live a few years ago (in those days when it was possible) and overwhelmed of their presence on stage. Last week the station celebrated their 26th anniversary and many bands made some live home sessions for them. They started with Cari Cari and they covered the first song ever played on the station - Sabotage by the fantastic Beastie Boys following by other songs by them and one more cover by Asap Rock. You can find this session for a limited time here.

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