Samstag, 13. Oktober 2018

Touch Me

Bildergebnis für the house of love

The  fact that the year turns to end is evident by the releases of box-sets right to Christmas where money is rather given. This was my first thought when I heard about the re-release of one of the best records released 30 years ago. The House Of Love released in 1988 their debut album with the same title. Formed by guitarist and singer-songwriter Guy Chadwick and lead guitarist Terry Bickers in London. I really liked this album and it was on heavy rotation at these days because it had almost everything in music I expected in the late 80's: great songs, acoustic and psychedelic guitars as well and a voice that fits perfect to the songs. Now the released an anniversary edition filled with demos, alternative version and mixes. Listening to their songs decades after is still a pleasure and it's worth to remember this band.

The House Of Love - Touch Me

And it is astonishing how a song grows from an early demo version to the final version on the album. When the final version had a lot of electric guitar and drums the early version is just a simple bass on the foreground added by some acoustic guitar and scanty drums.

The House Of Love - Touch Me (Demo)

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Going to see them play the album next month Walter. Will report back.