Samstag, 6. Oktober 2018

So Alone

Bildergebnis für johnny thunders

40 years ago now Johnny Thunders released his first album after L.A.M.F. with The Heartbreakers. I got into his music after his work with the New York Dolls as the forerunner of punk. This record hit me like less other records in these days. Thunders was a drug wreck at these times but he collected his energy to make a testament of his abilities. So Alone was the highlight of his output. A lot of songs with energy and also fragile. This is one of those records that guided me into the new music that came from Britain and across the Atlantic ocean. On this record he was supported by another great musicians from this time like Phil Lynott, Steve Marriott and Chrissie Hynde - and this shows his credit in the London scene in the late 70's.

Johnny Thunders - London Boys
Johnny Thunders - Subway Train
Johnny Thunders - You Can't Put Our Arms Around A Memory
Johnny Thunders - Pipeline

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