Montag, 15. Oktober 2018

Monday's Long Song

Bildergebnis für mogwai

The first song that came to my mind when Drew invited to join his Monday's long song post was Can. The second one that came also quickly to my mind was by Mogwai from their debut album Mogwai Young Team. It was released in 1997 and was very different to many others in these days These Scottish post-punk band created a sound with lengthy guitar-based instrumental pieces. Their songs feature spaced guitars sounds with melodic bass lines and the use of heavy distortion and effects. Seldom enough in these days that a band ruptured classic song structures and made also some kind of meditative sound.

Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan

2 Kommentare:

drew hat gesagt…

Excellent tune, I also had this on my list Walter but there are quite a few long Mogwai songs to choose from.

The Swede hat gesagt…

I'm with Drew, an excellent selection Walter.