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Robert Wyatt is a veteran of British progressive music and founding member of Soft Machine. During a party in 1973 he fell out of the window from the 4th floor and was paralysed from the waist down and had to use a wheelchair for mobility ever since. But he never stopped making music in the following decades. Not the normal stuff you can find in a jukebox and always searching for new sounds. Most of his recordings were experimental and filled with great ideas in arrangements. A few days ago I found his album from 1997 Shleep again in my collection. It made fun to listen to this album after a long time. Shleep is a conscious return to more melodic paths, eschewing some of the experimentation of the past in favour of a gentler sound that recalls the calmer moments of his classic album Rock Bottom, albeit in a more pastoral vein. It is the tension itself between nearly happy ones and the rather more epic songs the album makes amusing. And you can hear that Brian Eno produced the album and played on it as well as one of the most underrated guitar players of the 70's - Phil Manzanera.

Robert Wyatt - Heaps of Sheeps
Robert Wyatt - Alien

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A marvellous album, my favourite of his later years.