Dienstag, 30. Juli 2019

Long Song On Tuesday

Bildergebnis für interstellar overdrive

This series wouldn't be complete without some real psychedelic sound by Pink Floyd. I was never a huge fan of them but their first records were ace. When I listened the first time to them I was unable to understand their playings. Years later and with more informations about psychedelic sound i came back to those records. Interstellar Overdrive from their first record Piper at the Gates of Dawn is an essential piece of this genre. Never before and seldom after there was this kind of music. A perfect ride into space with a guitars, organs and drums. It is still impossible for me to understand what kind of drugs Syd Barret used to create this sound. I don't know where this footage was made but for the best version I could find in the web,

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You're bringing out the big guns now Walter - fantastic stuff!