Sonntag, 7. Juli 2019


Bildergebnis für JMII "Communication"

The recent days I scrolled through SoundCloud latest releases and they led me to Red Bull Music Academy. I asked myself if it not enough that the Dietrich Mateschitz the owner of the Austrian energy drink spend a lot of money to promote car racing in Formula 1 and several football teams in Europe and over the Atlantic ocean and if it is necessary to promote his company in modern music. It seems to be a project for young and talented musicians to make their first steps in music business away from self producing. My investigations couldn't get me an answer if it is a record label or just a platform to show new artists. Anyway I found a few gems I never heard before. This one is by an artist that is on the scene for several years. JMII is the the name of a Catalan producer and known by some collaborations with John  Talabot. It is reduced House track with steady drums moving the song forward to let them join some synths. Something good for a Sunday Morning

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