Dienstag, 23. Juli 2019

Long Song On Tuesday

Bildergebnis für max de wardener

I joined CC's series about noisy songs on Monday because I think there is a lot that should be featured in this series. Nevertheless there are still a lot of long songs around that should be featured as well. So I will continue the long song series probably regular on Tuesday. If you found some time to listen to Andrew Weatherall's last show on NTS Adam give us a monthly chance to listen you might know this song by Max De Wardener a British composer and producer. Mainly he's into jazz and soundtrack but he made a little gem with tribal and hypnotic drums by Moses Boyd added with his synths. That's what I love Mr. Weatherall for - giving us inspirations for new music.

Today I will go for the rest of the week on a seminar to Cologne and I am not sure whether I find the time for something to post.

Have a great time folks.

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