Samstag, 1. September 2018

Songs You Make At Night

Bildergebnis für Tunng

Seldom the title of an album reflects the music like the new album by British folk band Tunng. This album was recommended in a newspaper a few days ago with an enthusiastic review that made me investigate for more of them. Tunng were often named as a part of folktronica - a genre that seldom crossed my way during the last years. I have to admit that I always thought it is impossible to do this. Either you play traditional folk or you doing something in an electronic way. But Tunng showed me that it is possible. They are able to make pure folk songs like Crow as well as ABOP a deep bassy dub inspired track. Don't know if bleepy folk is an existing genre but this will describe their sound at the best. It is sound that accompanies you when you drifting from night into day.

The Bundesliga started last week and I will go for the first game in Stuttgart later this afternoon. We will play against mighty Bayern Munich and hopefully we won't lose too high.


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lithium hat gesagt…

Great first half of that record. Great song after great song. Second half is a bit more experiential.