Samstag, 29. September 2018

Lee's Instrumentals

Bildergebnis für lee hazlewood's woodchucks

Most of us will know Lee Hazlewood as a great songwriter and artist who had released some superb albums throughout his career and his collaboration with Nancy Sinatra. Less will know that in his former times after his military duty in Korea he worked as a DJ and collaborated with Duane Eddy. He produced and co-written a lot of songs in the rockabilly and twang era. From time to time there are some re-releases of his output and I got a second hand record from a few years ago. Rockabilly and mariachi-sound is't the music I can hear every day but these songs still work after 60 years.

Later this day I will see how Stuttgart will play and if they are able to win after a period of five games and only got two draw. Anyway, I won't moaning because some of you get this feeling almost every week.

Duane Eddy - Shazam
The Livley Ones - (Dance With) The Guitar Man
Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks - Muchacho

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Brian hat gesagt…

Thanks for the education, Walter. Fascinating.