Donnerstag, 6. September 2018

And Nothing Hurt

Jason Pierce aka former Spaceman 3 and now Spiritualized released a new album these days. And it filled just what I expected: Some semi-acoustic love songs like The Morning After and punpers like A Perfect Miracle or On The Sunshine where he puts out his guitar and takes us to a ride into space-rock, jazzy heaven. You ought to listen to this songs loud so that you can hear the the greatness of this songs between traditional songwriting and spaced out feed-back sound. Not the music that gets into your ears and stay at your attention but if you listen several times you will listen to an album Pierce worked for years to deserve it to us.

Spiritualized - The Morning After
Spiritualized - On The Sunshine

3 Kommentare:

The Swede hat gesagt…

Hi Walter. I just heard a new Spiritualized tune on the radio this morning and was looking forward to checking out these tracks, but unfortunately your links are down.

Walter hat gesagt…

Hi Swede, I saw this too. I've chosen some links from bandcamp yesterday evening and I try to repair after work.

drew hat gesagt…

I can't wait for this to drop through the letterbox. But why only one UK gig, in London!