Dienstag, 11. September 2018


Bildergebnis für suspiria

In 1977 Italian director Dario Argento released his classic horror movie Suspiria. I read about this film a long time ago and I have to admit that I never saw this film yet. As far as I know it is a trilogy about witches and it was a highlight for movie aficionados. The reason why I name this film is why Italian director Luca Guadignino made a remake these days. While Goblin, an Italian progressive rock band made the soundtrack for the original now Guandigninio hired Thom Yorke for the soundtrack. The original is stamped by an progressive organ sound and Yorke reduced it to a melodic piano ballad with a lot of flutes. Both soundtracks have something very own and it is worth to take a little journey into this special sound.

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