Montag, 22. Juni 2015

The Two Faces Of Austrian Music: The Bright One

Yesterday I posted a track by Hackmonocut an Austrian band stuck deep in the tradition of post-punk and the sound of Nick Cave. Today I would like to feature the other side of Austrian music. As said, new Austrian music is based in the tradition of electronic music. Most of the new and young artists that appear are based in the tradition of House-music. An so is this. The two brothers Sascha and Andreas Weisz aka Weisz2 made a fine track in which they combine a classic mid-tempo House beat with world music. What makes the song different is the beautiful voice of singer Aladin Anyebe. Perfect music for riding in an open car on an endless highway.

An one more from them. Here they use a Spanish guitar playing over their permanent beat. Smooth and nice. I ask myself why they didn't play songs like these on public radio stations.

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