Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2015

Indie Scene 1985

Another fine year for independent music. Old heroes like The Fall, The Cure and Johnny Thunders showed up with good records, traditional (Irish) music taken roots in music and some artist appeared to stay like Billy Bragg or to fade away too soon like the Woodentops. There was no direct movement in action but the indie sector was, as usual, throwing up quirky three minute slices that embraced politics, guitars and sheer madness. So enjoy a trip to music we've listened to 30 years ago.

Icicle Works - When it all comes down
Johnny Thunders and Patti Paladin - Crawfish
Love & Rockets - Ball of Confusion
Milkshakes - Ambassadors of love
Rain Parade - You are my friend
Robert Wyatt - The Wind of Change
Sonic Youth - Death Valley 69
That Petrol Emotion - VP
Rain Parade - Action Paintings
The Fall - Cruisers Creek
The Men They Couldn't Hang - Ironmasters
The Woodentops - It will come

2 Kommentare:

Scott hat gesagt…

Hi Walter, this is the only CD I have in the Indie Scene series. What a fantastic collection of songs on one CD. Some great videos to accompany the post as well featuring some of the best tracks from a crackin' year for Indie music.

The Swede hat gesagt…

I don't remember 1985 being this good a year! Excellent selection. Great to hear Johnny & Patti's cover again. Rain Parade were a huge band for me at the time.