Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2023

Who Do You Love

The recent days Bo Diddley's Who Do You Love appeared on my way to office. Diddley wrote this classic almost 70 years ago inspired by Muddy Water's Hoochie Coochie Man and it still a classic from the stoneage of rock 'n' roll. A mean guitar and his rough voice made this a hit from this era.

Bo Diddley - Who Do You Love

This made me searching for different versions of this great song. One of the earliest version is by Ronnie Hawkins. Not much different but played by a white artist. And he became popular with this version. I have to admit that is not the best or inspired version but much better than the rest of his work.

Ronnie Hawkins - Who Do You Love

In 1968 John Cippolina's Quicksilver Messenger Service released their debut Happy Trails and a highlight of this 60's West Coast band was an extended version of this song. A blues guitar inspired and apparently never ending version I had always a favor for.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Who Do You Love

On his second in 1978 album George Thorogood released probably the ultimate version of this song. Some people called him the sultan of slide in these days and this was true. His first two records were full of powerful versions of songs everybody had heard sometimes. Rough guitars and his bluesy voice made this song a classic one.

George Thorogood - Who Do You Love

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