Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2023

Herbstwind (Autumn Wind)

Fehlfarben were one of the most impressive bands in the German punk years. Formed in Düsseldorf in 1979 by members of local punk bands like Mittagspause, DAF and Der Plan after they came back from a trip to London where they saw The Teardrops Explodes. And they started something new - they combined the rough sound of punk with German lyrics. Their first album Monarchie und Alltag is still a classic and the song Paul ist tot a highlight from these days. I always had a fondness to this band and saw them several times during the last decades. But sadly they made never a record that was that successful like their debut. More than 30 years ago they released Xenophobia an album that had class and style because they moved ahead from their early sound and moved to a different kind of sound. More guitar riffs and partial with reduced speed but added with cryptic lyrics and political statement they made in 2012 a retro sound that could lead into future.

Fehlfarben - Herbstwind

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Ernie Goggins hat gesagt…

Thanks vey much for this Walter. I have'Monarchie und Alltag' (I got it in the famous Rainking Records last year) which is excellent as you say, but I am not familar with their other albums.