Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2023

Wah Wah Wallenstein


Die Wilde Jagd is a German electronic duo by producer and songwriter Sebastian Lee Philip and aided by Düsseldorf based musician Ralf Beck. Since their self titled debut in 2015 I had a huge fondness to their electronic sound and featured them several times at this place. To create a melange of reduced electronic sounds and beats with cryptic German lyrics was new to me. I was lucky enough to see them live a few years ago and was surprised that this kind of music works live very well. The recent days they released a new song with a remix by Ivan Smagghe of a song from their debut  album. It's a song I listened often when it was released not only because it offered a jazzy mood in the second half.

This made me listen to another song from their debut. A dark atmosphere with tribal rhythms and electronic eruptions.

Through dark pine trees,  out of senses,  Tightly braced by black trunks  On horses, fast as lightning  Enraptured by the horizon  In remembrance of two gentlemen  With long hair and curls  as dense as blackamoor  Towards the sea  So close to the shark pair  The marriage planned long ago  A unification of what happened  In streams of waves as tall as sails  Standing pallid in the wind  Hoofs step to thunderous drums  Storm sails that sing like harps  Calling ghosts  Who, long yearned for,  let us drift  Into tall forests of tomorrow  The tale is told 
of The robber and the prince

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