Dienstag, 2. Mai 2023

Thatcher's Not Dead


During the last week I read the news that French/German cultural channel released a documentary about the iron lady. I don't know exactly who needs this after 10 years she passed away. Otherwise I think it is necessary for those who didn't live in times when she ruled England as the last prime minister leading Britain into a fucking war. Margaret Thatcher was the embodiment of the nightmare of a world, the new-liberal Western world, which was just beginning to change, determined to rid itself of the cumbersome legacy of post-war Keynesianism. I was surprised when I read that Lionel Limiñana wrote the soundtrack to this documentary together with Cologne based composer David Menke once again after the OST to The Devil Inside Me from 2021. This song sounds like Sleaford Mods jamming with The Limiñanas.

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