Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2023



As of today, it is June, the meterological beginning of summer, and the weather is with us. For the first time in a row, it has been warm, sunny and pleasant to sit outside, meet with friends and spend wonderful evenings. For me, there is nothing better than enjoying this time of the year. I've been thinking about which songs make the start of the new season easy for me, but there are too many of them to rank. With this in mind, just a few songs that came to mind ad hoc and without completeness or ranking. A good start into the new season to all.

2 Kommentare:

Khayem hat gesagt…

Great selections there, Walter. We were clearly inspired by the same thing though we haven't duplicated each other's choices. Starting here with The Undertones and ending with Nancy & Lee is the icing on the cake. Thanks!

JC hat gesagt…

Great selection Walter.

I simply have to offer this up as an addition.