Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2023

Nerve Up


From one of the deepest corners of my hard-drive I found a song I've almost forgotten. Nerve Up is the tiltle track of debut album with the same by Manchester's lo-fi artist Lonelady aka Julie Campbell. It's 13 years old and full of elements Manchester artists released during the 80s. Chobby guitar licks, brittle keyboards and a DIY-voice by Campbel associates with the post punk sound and sometimes it sounds like Gang Of Four play unplugged with a hyper PJ Harvey. Namedropping? Yes, but it sounds a bit like this and it is worth to be featured at this place.

It is not the first time Lonelady appeared on this pages. I recommended her second album from 2015 on my year end list back in 2015. Hinterland walks on the same road with drumcomputers and short guitar licks but a bit more soulful and funky.

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Khayem hat gesagt…

Thanks, Walter. I think Julie Campbell's a great artist and I've been hoping to see her live in concert for some time. To round things off, I'd add that the third LoneLady album Former Things (2021) is just as good as the previous two.

I'd also recommend the albums that she did (under her own name) with Jah Wobble, Psychic Life (2011), and with Stephen Mallinder and Benge (Ben Edwards), Clinker (2021).