Freitag, 2. Juni 2023



After a long season with many disappointments, coaching changes and games that should never have been lost, Stuttgart won the first game in the relegation against Hamburger Sportverein with 3 to 0. I have seen many games this season that have disappointed me and in which the team has not played up to its potential. That makes me all the happier that the first step towards staying in the league was taken after this game. Thank you, boys.

Nashville Ambient Ensemble is a project by composer and keyboardist Michael Hix and is on duty since a couple of years. Their sound could be described as Mark Peters with a massive pedal steel guitar. But this file doesn't work well because their sound is much different. Hix included guitars and piano, a bit of krautrock and sometimes vocals into his sound - but always with a big touch of cosmic spheres. Some might name this kind of music as simple background music that doesn't mind but for me it is a urban, organic kind of music that shows what country music could be if you free your mind.

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JC hat gesagt…

And it was great to see your boys completed the job with much ease in the second leg.