Freitag, 9. Juni 2023



I am not the one that was close to country music during my lifetime but there is one band, except Gram Parson and Emmylyou Harris, that opened my ears for this kind of music. Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show appeared at a time, when casual music of the big bands turned me into boredom. With their soulful rock, pop, folk and country sound were my little heroes in the mid 70s before punk happened and pub rock wasn't gone. I loved their sound and songs, especially because of the lyrics. Sylvia's Mother is probably the most emotional song about a love gone by. Shel Silverstein wrote the lyrics for a guy who tried helpless to convince his former girlfriend not to part. This music is surely not for everyone but for me a place to come back and enjoy. In particular that I was lucky enough to see them live in 1976 on a festival in Roskilde, Denmark when they returned after a fabulous gig to encore with no clothes on. Ace.

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Ernie Goggins hat gesagt…

Excellent selection, Walter. Thanks

Charity Chic hat gesagt…

A great song