Mittwoch, 26. April 2023

I Hate Hate Part II


In ten comment section of my yesterday's post I got a message by Ernie from the fabulous blog 27 Leggies. Reading the title, he expected to hear/read something about some blue-eyed soul by Razzy Bailey. I'm glad that he wasn't disappointed that Ian Hunter appeared. So here is this Northern soul classic. When I listened to this song once again after years it made me looking for more gems from this era because if you started with one of these songs it takes a long time to stop because with every song you will find more and more classic tunes. Enjoy. 

2 Kommentare:

Ernie Goggins hat gesagt…

I'm honoured, Walter. Great selection - as you say, every one of them is a classic.

Charity Chic hat gesagt…

As Ernie said.Classics, one and all