Dienstag, 11. April 2023


While I am typing these word I watch the quarter final of Champions League between Manchester City and Bayern Munich. I have to admit that I don't like any of those teams and I am steady watching the game. Our players, who are highly praised here in Germany, are showing what they can do today. Just playing along and not having the opportunities in the first half to keep the game open. No matter how it ends, I'm more on City's side than Bayern's. Anyway this is a new release by Duncan Gray and another great electronic release by him. Warm synths and an easy flow that can make you an easy start into a new day.

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Khayem hat gesagt…

I've been buying Duncan Gray's 'singles' each Bandcamp Friday and last week was no exception. Great music and smile-inducing titles too: Nodcast is up there with Slinky Bastard and Steve Killage on both counts.