Freitag, 5. Januar 2018

On The Country Side

Bildergebnis für lucinda williams

A few days ago Lucinda Williams shuffled on my mobile phone once again and hit my taste like seldom before. I always loved her voice and her songs telling me short stories about the way of life that everybody can understand. So I checked out Spotify for more records by her and I was surprised how much she released during the last decades. Although I am not a huge fan of country music I always loved the great female voices of Emmylou Harris, Maria McKee and Linda Ronstadt. And in Mrs. Williams way the stories she told me in her songs. In this different way to my usual music taste it is good to finish the first working week of the year with Lucinda.

Lucinda Williams - Six Blocks Away
Lucinda Williams - Pineola
Lucinda Williams - Changed Locks
Lucinda Williams - Hang Down Your Head

2 Kommentare:

Charity Chic hat gesagt…

I'm a huge fan of Lucinda Walter and have seen her 3 or 4 times.
A good selection of songs there

Rol hat gesagt…

I had to check the comments just to see if CC had commented! I second his appreciation of Lucinda, though I've never been lucky enough to see her life.