Montag, 1. Januar 2018

Die 4 You

Bildergebnis für 2018 bilder

Hope everyone of you had a fantastic start into the new year that hopefully will be better than the last one in any way of politics, equality and fairness.

During the last weeks I didn't listen much to music as I used to do. But some day I remembered a song that fascinated me last year with it's gloomy atmosphere. Die 4 You is a song by Mike Hadreas aka Perfume Genius. He's a Seattle based musician and released his latest album about 6 months ago. Seldom heard an intensive song like this. There is long time only of Hadreas' voice which begs and sues and swears, while something which could have been once a piano or maybe also a guitar torments itself in the background still more than the voice. Then the sound space with furry tones and a bedroom beat fills, Hadreas sings „take your time“, however, hope refuses to die.

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Dirk hat gesagt…

Alles Gute für 2018, Walter, ich gehe davon aus, wir sehen uns irgendwann dieses Jahr?