Donnerstag, 25. Januar 2018

Mark E. Smith 1957 - 2018

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Many tributes were made today and all words are spoken. Like many of you I don't like everything he did but I have a great respect to his output over almost 40 years. I don't know him personally but for me he had always a fierce aura. And so was his music: not giving any shit to mainstream just doing his very own thing. He accompanied me since his first record Live at the Witch Trials and during the decades he surprised me with something new.

Rest well Mark and may you have always a place of honour in the pub in heaven.

And as a bonus: Back in 2005 BBC invited him to report the results of the Saturday English football leagues. He did it in a very uneuphoric way with his inimitable Northern accent. What proves: MES could also read out of the phone book.

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

I showed MrsRobster and TheMadster the video of him reading the football results last night. We all laughed, especially when he took the piss out of presenter Ray Stubbs' haircut! And the way he kept randomly adding 'Town' to the names of some of the teams.

The guy behind him is the late, great Tim Gudgeon, who for many of us was the voice of the football results for decades. Another legend sadly departed.

George hat gesagt…

"he had always a fierce aura. And so was his music"
Walter, that sums it as well as any of the things I've read in the newspaper and on the blogs

Anonym hat gesagt…

Lovely words Walter.

Not often that we all seem to agree on the impact of a late musician. MES and The Fall were far from perfect, but then again never claimed to be. That’s one of the things that made him, and them, so alluring.