Montag, 29. Januar 2018

Money, Money

Bildergebnis für vfb stuttgart

As usual as every second weekend we went to support our team in Stuttgart. Knowing well that we are rightly at the bottom of the table and this means less to most of the supporters. Looking back in history we played Champions League against Manchester United and had a bright future. But stupid presidents and corrupt management took us to the second league at last. Therefore we changed management to replace the old system (as we was told by all those who had something to say). Trying to get a new idea of playing football with young and talented payers. We had success with this concept in league two and we promoted to Bundesliga with a young and promising team. I didn't saw great football during this season and we lost more games than we won. The last games were hard to watch and in only a few games I missed passion in playing. Anyway, last Saturday we lost against Schalke 04 and the result is totally okay. But when I switched on my laptop on Sunday morning I read the headlines that Stuttgart suspended the manager and asked myself why. Probably the machinery works well in this business and the discharge of the manager is comprehensible but for me this club lost its soul and honesty. Typing these words don't mean that I lost my affection to the team but my aversion against the management is growing day by day.

Horace Andy - Money, Money

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Charity Chic hat gesagt…

Sounds like a similar story to that of Dundee United in Scotland Walter

Anonym hat gesagt…

Sounds like a similar story to many clubs!