Samstag, 13. Januar 2018

Alberto Balsam

Bildergebnis für aphex twin

The first two weeks of business in the new year are over and I have to say it is enough now. My co-workers didn't do anything than usual business and let lots of things over for me to do. This week I only concluded many things belayed than they should be. Anyway it is weekend and I won't think about the last working week and look forward to the start of the second half of Bundesliga. My team is still lower placement of the table and today's game against Berlin will show us the way into the future. Anyway, we will support them in any way. Aphex Twin's track is one them I still can listen to after all the years. Alberto Balsam was released on his epic album ... I care because you do back in 1995. I bought this record by recommended by a friend but didn't come close to this record for a long time. But suddenly a decade ago I fell in love to this record. It was far ahead of many records that was released in these days. Now it is a record I still listen to with a lot of joy.

While typing these words I watch Bayern Munich and they lead 0:2 in Leverkusen. This result will make the league boring.

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drew hat gesagt…

It is a very good album Walter. I hope Stuttgart get a result against Herta this afternoon.

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Great track Walter.