Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018


Bildergebnis für fargo season 1 billy bob thornton

After Christmas I accepted the Netflix offer of one month watching series for free to check out their offering. Just because I had the time and nothing else to do than watching TV and get my mind clear of all that came up to my mind. The first series that came to my mind was a recommendation of a close friend to visit. It was the series of a movie by the Coen brothers - Fargo, a movie I loved to watch years ago. Not knowing if the series has the quality and the atmosphere of the movie I was surprised that it was almost better than the original. During the last years I watched many series but I have to say that it was something special. An intelligent story, filled with fantastic characters and a lot of atmosphere in snowy Minnesota. Seldom saw Billy Bob Thornton acting as a hitman acting that nonchalant like in this series. It took me a few hours to watch the whole series but no minute was wasted. I also liked the soundtrack because it brought back some great songs that I almost forgot.

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

I absolutely love Fargo. The original film is brilliant and I was initially reluctant to watch the TV series fearing it would be a cheap cash-in, but I was wrong. All three series have been superb, each one very different to the others, but still keeping true to the original movie's atmosphere and dark, dark humour.

If you get the chance while you have your free subscription, you should check out Homeland, in my mind the best TV series I've ever seen!

Dirk hat gesagt…

Basically, Walter, you should use/buy Netflix after the free trial period as well: me and Mrs Loser live on Netflix, because there's only crap on German TV, as you will surely be able to confirm. And I think it's rather cheap monthly, that's if you use it every evening, as we do.

Highly recommendable - at least for me - "Haus Des Geldes" ('La Casa De Papel', a Spanish series, most perfect stuff!) and "Designated Survivor" (starring Kiefer Sutherland in top form!)

Rol hat gesagt…

I'd also recommend the next two series of Fargo - a continually excellent show that seems to get better every season. Like Dirk, I'm a netflix junkie - most of my favourite shows seem to be on there these days.

Happy New Year, Walter.

Walter hat gesagt…

You caught me mates! I think I will sign up for Netflix to watch all the great series.

Anonym hat gesagt…

If Netflix in Germany offers the opportunity to watch the BBC series 'Peaky Blinders' you should take it. All four series are fantastic. And the accompanying music will give you a lot of joy.