Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018

Johnny Cash Cover

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CC has a long going series about songs covered by Johnny Cash that I enjoy every week. Most of them are better than the originals or equal to them. There are very less artists that tried to cover the songs written by the man in black. If they did - most of them failed. When I think about some songs from him interpreted by other artists that are worth to be featured I remember a record released 30 years ago. Jon Langford, a long time and huge fan of Johnny Cash and his music made a tribute to him long before Johnny had his comeback with American Recordings. It was in these days you kept your preference to him as a secret because lots of folks couldn't agree to. I bought this record and from this time I knew that Johnny Cash was a giant because he wrote songs for eternity. Only a few songs could reach to the originals like Michelle Shocked's version of One Piece of the Time but there is one song on this record that is not a copy of the original. Marc Almond made with The Mekons a version of Man in Black that was unique and fits to his songs. I still like this version and don't want to judge if it is better than the original or not. It is great in it's way.

Mark Almond - Man In Black

3 Kommentare:

Brian hat gesagt…

Didn't know about this cover, Walter. Like so many of the songs Cash covered, Almond doing Cash is quite an unusual match, but it completely works.

Charity Chic hat gesagt…

A fantastic album Walter with the Marc Almond cover being the pick of the bunch

Anonym hat gesagt…

Had no idea about a huge fan of both Johnny Cash and Marc Almond, I am delighted that it work so well. Thnak you very much Walter.