Dienstag, 31. Oktober 2017

Some Legends Are Back

Bildergebnis für the professionals what in the world

Almost 40 years ago Paul Cook and Steve Jones formed from the ashes of Sex Pistols a new band. The Professionals were on the scene for a couple of years and disbanded in the early 80's. They were just a short story in music history and I have to admit that I didn't spent a mind about them until I read the news that they appeared on the scene with a new record. What In The World is nothing more or less than a good record celebrating the punk days today. Cook assembled some old buddies like Tom Spencer, Billy Duffy, Marco Pirroni and Mick Jones around him and it seems like they had real fun playing together. Most of the songs were dominated by punk riffs, catchy hooks and pushed rhythm. It is pure fun to listen to those old men playing.

The Professionals - New Generation
The Professionals - Good Man Down
The Professionals - Extremadura

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Anonym hat gesagt…

"It is pure fun to listen to those old men playing."

And it just as much fun for us old me to write about and talk about music!!!