Donnerstag, 5. Oktober 2017

Four Lost Souls

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Since the first time I heard Where Were You I was a fan of The Mekons and Jon Langford. I saw them a lot of times live and had a wonderful conversation before and after a concert with Sally Timms and Jon Langford. I don't want to lose many words about The Mekons right now and focus to the solo escapades by Jon Langford. His side project The Three Johns made fun long times ago and he was the first one that made a tribute to Johnny Cash when no one around had him on the list. Since the Welsh musician moved to the USA he combined his punk roots with contemporary American (folk) music. Of course his output during the last years were new or groundbreaking but always fresh and individual. Now he released a new record Four Lost Souls. He was invited to make his record in the famous Muscle Shoals studios. The result was a perfect combination of British influenced country music on a Southern soul base. It is true that he can't make any worse record and so I like his songs and the way that make me smile. I will offer you this songs until DMCA will contact me to delete. Until then enjoy these tunes.

Jon Langford - Snake Behind Glass
Jon Langford - Natchez Trace
Jon Langford - In Oxford Mississppi

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