Montag, 2. Oktober 2017


Bildergebnis für acid pauli

You might know that I have a big affection to electronic music in every variation if it sound great and/or new. During the past week I got the news that there is a new electronic band on the scene worth to be listened to. First thing I saw was the logo showing us a smiley with crossed bones and it reminds me to a very popular football club in Hamburg - St. Pauli. This is another story that should be told in the future. Now back to music. Acid Pauli is another project by Bavarian born musician Martin Gretschmann. He played different records with a famous underground band of the 00's - The Notwist. They made some great independent albums and I ask myself why I didn't featured them right now. Gretschmann switched from guitar based sound to electronic first with Console which made some good dance tracks a few years ago. Now he's back with Acid Pauli and his very own incredible and unique interpretation of electronic music. All tracks are reduced to the limit and filled with bleeps and drum. I think this will not work perfect on the dance floor but it works well under headphones. It is another music to finish the day with. An amazing transmission.

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