Montag, 30. Oktober 2017

Miss You

Bildergebnis für carla bruni

How does a good cover version go? Most cover versions are unnecessary. Are well suited as a B-side or as valuable one for a live concert. One can destroy the original on purpose, filter out only the essence and breathe own interesting mind into the song or try to come close possibly to the origin.

Carla Bruni is known before all things beside Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer as one of the great model models of the glamorous 90s years and as a wife of the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. However, she makes long already also to music, successfully and anything but the worst one. Mostly is the gentle tastefully jazzy folk pop with acoustic guitar, for boutiques, lounges and Philippe Starck designed rooms. From time to time I listen to her songs and I can still enjoy them. I was surprised that she offered a new record filled with cover versions. She covered on French Touch songs by Depeche Mode, The Clash as well as songs by Lou Reed or The Rolling Stones. Miss You is from the RS era when they tried to take the disco-route. Carla Bruni charges the song with gentle grooving and Latin air, lays string player underneath and whispering cryptically. And, nevertheless, just then there a big art lies: to stay close to the original, besides, nevertheless, leave clearly own perfume and draw out of a 1000-fold heard song new puzzling magic.

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