Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2017

American Storyteller

Bildergebnis für bruce springsteen 1978

Can't believe but it is true that is 44 years ago when I first heard from Bruce Springsteen as one of the best new artists around. I bought his first two records and really enjoyed them because they were new, fresh and different to all the other stuff from across the ocean. There was one person telling me stories from the unknown places in NYC and I absorbed it to me. At these days I never left Germany for longer times, except for little trips to Austria with my parents. In times were music was boring and I waited for something new to come Springsteen appeared on the scene with great songs and pure enthusiasm. At this time he was rough, pure and full of energy. Far beyond the things he did later with the overproduced things on Born To Run. Not that they are bad, but he lost the ground on his feet. I still love some of his later songs until now and I saw him a several times live during the last decades and every concert astonished me about acting live on stage. To be frankly I will always return to him and his songs from the early days.

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Charity Chic hat gesagt…

Excellent footage there Walter

Rol hat gesagt…

Love everything he's done, but I'd give anything to have seen him back in the early days in New Jersey.