Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017

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Bildergebnis für gary numan

A few days ago I discovered The Fixx once again and thought about writing a post about them. But Brian made a great post about them and I have nothing more to say about them than he did. So I took the chance to switch to another song from this era. Tubeway Army were one of these bands that made the song of the summer in this year. Back in 1979 Gary Numan surprised us with one of the first electronic songs in the New Wave era. This song was new, shocking and not compatible to the music we used to listen at these days. Listening back to these days and playing this song again it is more than compatible to my current taste. It was groundbreaking almost 40 years ago and still a classic.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

This was indeed a taste of things to come. It was not the first "New Wave with synthesizer" songs, but it was the first one that many heard; myself included. It still has a great sound today.

Anonym hat gesagt…

It is a timeless classic. The only problem for Gary Numan is that he never ever managed to anything better. It was a song that helped me develop of a love for electronic music.