Montag, 23. Oktober 2017

Nothing Like It

Bildergebnis für courtney farren

I took a little break in posting for a few days because I was too busy with different other things and work around. My annual holidays are yet to come and in five weeks I will go for a few weeks to Sri Lanka again to recreate from all what happened or was necessary to do in the last month. So I had to organize in my office anything when I will leave for five weeks in early December. That is not all I watched my team different times during the last weeks and it was on terrible times when they started to play. Friday evening for example the started at 8:30 p.m. and when I came back it was long after midnight and I was out of my usual rhythm for the weekend. Anyway I don't want to complain because me and a couple of friends will take the chance to watch them live in the cup match in Kaiserlautern on Wednesday. We will finish our work earlier and take a two hour ride to a traditional derby. I am sure that we will win there - and if not we will surely have a great time. Therefore congrats to Raith and Airdrieonians for winning against Airbroath and coming back with one point from Ayr.

Today's songs are from a new New York based singer/songwriter Courtney Farren. I got aware of her about a promotion letter and I was highly amused about her. It is true that I never heard intensive songs like these for a long time. Courtney's emotionally driven and heartfelt songwriting  is far over the average and I really would like to see her live because when she sings I think that her words are fueled by honesty and a sense of urgency.

The Noice Journal wrote some true words about her that I could only agree to:
"Courtney Farren is a talented musician, writing emotional ballads but there's more...she doesn't weep like all mainstream singers. She plays the guitar and sings like you're sipping on a spirit with her, sometimes complaining, sometimes realizing the glory of all human relationships, or just as explaining her view. Warm voice, de profundis chat, and an artist who you really need to listen to" 

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The Swede hat gesagt…

A new name to me Walter. Very good indeed.

Charity Chic hat gesagt…

I like that Walter -right up my street

Anonym hat gesagt…

Walter - the mention of the football made me smile!

Raith have had their ups and downs this season, but so far so good as we still have a chance of promotion.