Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017

John Peel Day

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It is 14 years ago that probably the best and most innovative DJ passed away and I don't have to leave many words about him and the influence of many different music styles to our taste during the last decades. Dirk once met him and he could be lucky enough for it. Remembering him I knew him about the press in the early 80's were internet wasn't available. His shows could only listened to in middle Germany via BFBS. I had some friends at this time in Recklinghausen and they taped me his shows on cassettes. Every four or six weeks they send me the tapes from his latest shows. Therefore I was privileged to listen to new music. Sadly I lost these tapes during some moves in the last years. But I still remember the days when I opened the mailbox and the tapes arrived. I was so excited to put them into the player and listen for a hours to listen to him. To his honour I will feature one of his all time favourite bands of all time. The Fall made one of their sessions on October 25th 1988. It shows the band at a good shape and Squid Lord and Kurious Oranj are still worth to listen to after all this years.

Later this afternoon me and a couple of friends will take a trip to a cup match to Kaiserlautern. Our team is close to relegation in Bundesliga but the other team is more close to relegation in  Second League. So I am sure that we will see a good game and come home satisfied and looking forward for the next turn.

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

I completely forgot about John Peel Day. I usually mark it in some way or other. Thanks for reminding me Walter.

The Swede hat gesagt…

A fine tribute Walter. The Fall, just what Peel would've wanted.