Sonntag, 4. September 2016

Power Over Men

Bildergebnis für jamie t

Summer is almost over and Christmas time is in sight (I know it is month ahead but you know how fast times pass by). As always companies will release the newest output of their artists for sale. It is the same with Jamie T one of my favourite songwriter from London. He released his latest album a few days ago. When he used to record his first albums in his living room his new songs are more clever and expensive produced than before. I posted Tinfoil Boy a few month ago and his new one Power Over Men is even better. He still has his boorish charm and punk attitudes. This song has all that I love by his songs: a dangerous mid-tempo rock song with reminiscences to dub, soul and a bow to the great Clash.

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Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Don't mention Christmas Walter. Please.