Dienstag, 20. September 2016

Old Vine In New Bottles

Bildergebnis für devo

Devo, a band formed in the mid 70's in Akron, Ohio, were one of the weirdest bands during the upcoming punk/new wave era in the US. They dissent popular music to a minimum to open our ears to new sounds. One of their greatest was their version of The Rolling Stones classic Satisfaction. A very new and raw version of a song everybody knows for ages. Their first record from 1978 Q: Are We Not Me, A: We Are Devo is still outstanding for this era. They faced the way for many other bands from across the ocean like Talking Heads and more. This song is still a classic like Mongoloid and Jocko Homo. They are worth to give them a memory in this way.

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Brian hat gesagt…

Completely serious when I say their 2010 album Something for Everybody was really good. We've lost two member since then. So, don't know if history can be repeated. Big big fan.