Montag, 5. September 2016

Filtered Senses

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Thinking of music and Christchurch, New Zealand, I think of the great Dunedin Sound in the early 80's and Split Enz but not on electronic music. Pitch Black and their newest album Filtered Senses were new to me. Investigating them I was surprised that they work for over 15 years as a duo releasing records in the New Zealand electronic scene. This record contains a lot of relaxed and laid back songs - mostly without singing. Their songs are full of percussive effects, deep-drop echoes and mostly a dubby atmosphere. Sometimes they remind me at Dub Spencer & Trance Hill but this is not a critic. All in all not the worst way to start the week.

Pitch Black - Filtered Senses
Pitch Black - Dub Smoke

That they can do it in a faster way shows their closer of the record:

Pitch Black - Pixel Dust

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Not necessarily my usual thing Walter, but I enjoyed these. Nicely dubby.